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How to order 4x6 badges?

Although not yet advertised in our site, we're starting to print 4x6 badges in addition to the 4x3 ones. The process is not fully automatic from start to finish as it is with smaller ones. 

These bigger badges cost $1.99 USD each. 

Soon we'll add them to the system, but in the meantime:

1. While setting up your event, select PDF badges and set a custom size of 4x6 inches.

2. Complete your badge design.

3. Send us an email to info@conferencebadge with the next info:

- Subject line: 4x6 printed badges

- Number of blanks per badge type (if needed)

- Number of lanyards (if needed, 99 cents each)

- Full shipping address, complete with a phone number.

- Shipping speed choice: 2 business days, 3 business days or Ground (3-7 business days)

4. We will send an invoice for you to pay online. Once payment is received, we'll print and ship.

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