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Can I print badges more than once?

Yes. In case of a typo, printing issue or design change, you can re-print badges at no cost. Our pricing is per-attendee, so we only charge you more if you import additional attendees.

Let's say you have already generated the PDF and started to print, but you realize there's a weird grey rectangle over your attendees last name. 

Worry not. First, go back to the badge editor by clicking on Edit badge design, remove the grey rectangle, then press on the Print badges button. Note that you'll be charged $2.50 for 10 PDF badges once your event has taken place.

Then you have to regenerate the PDF document with the new layout or design, you do this by clicking the two arch-like arrows next to the last edit timer. 

You then click on the last PDF document and boom! See the result. No more weird grey rectangle and no extra charges. You can regenerate as many PDFs as you wish at no cost. 

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