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What is Conference Badge?

Conference badge is the easiest, fastest way to create customized name badges for your events.

We're a web based platform that lets you import your list of attendees (from Excel or Eventbrite), then choose a starting badge template, customize it to your liking, and finally order one of these products:

PDF Badges: We produce a PDF for all your attendee badges, which you can print and assemble yourself using a name badge kit, or at any local print shop. These are $0.25 per badge.


Printed Badges: You enter your shipping address, pick a shipping rate (the fastest being 2 business days), then we print, assemble and ship your badges ready for use. Badge size is 4"" wide x 3"" high. These are $1.79 each, with optional lanyards $0.99 each.

With both products, you can add a QR code to your badge design, which can be scanned by any smartphone QR code scanning app. 

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